How we met the one and only professional Masai yoga instructor through Inspiral Africa

By Mick Assies

Mick and his girlfriend Daniella met the one and only professional Masai yoga instructor named Jacob through Inspiral Africa.

When we heard that there was a traditional Masai who is also a professional yoga instructor we first thought “Are you serious?”, our second action was getting on a matatu (public transport in Kenya) from Nairobi to Kimana. When arriving in Kimana a man dressed as if he was going skiing (the man with the brown ski jacket) approached us and confirmed that he was the Masai we were looking for, Jacob. He welcomed us and brought us to his companions who were standing on the other side of the road, with a big smile next to their motorbikes. They were going to bring us to their village on the back of their motorbike, but first, lunch.

Jacob first asked what we would like to have for lunch, we replied “Whatever you guys are eating, we will join”. Jacob nodded and led us to a butcher in a shady alley with some seats, he ordered something in Ki Masai and waited for the food to come. After only a couple of minutes a chunk of boiled cow meat approached our table, we ordered some ugali (traditional Kenyan food made from maize) and the butcher cut the boiled beef in small eatable chunks. Danielle and I were watching carefully, until Jacob invited us to eat. It wasn’t the best food we ever had, but it was local, and that’s what we are there for!

After our lunch they would bring us to their village, but first a motor bike safari! A motorbike safari with 3 people on the back of a motorbike driving through Amboseli community area surrounded by giraffes, zebras, antelopes and wildebeests, but no elephants. A better way to introduce yourself and the place where you live doesn’t exist in our opinion..

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